A0 Sized Printed Pattern - TRANSLUCENT PAPER

A0 Sized Printed Pattern - TRANSLUCENT PAPER

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After uploading your PDF file, please input number of pages you need printed in the quantity field.  Cost is per page. If you do not put in the correct number of pages we will not be able to process your order. 

THIS LISTING IS FOR TRANSLUCENT WEIGHT PAPER. It is a lightweight translucent paper, thinner than copy paper but heavier than our tissue paper option.

AS OF 2/25/22: If your pattern is much over 47 inches in length I may have to invoice you for extra pages. I have received a few patterns that state that they are only 1 A0 page but are actually around 2 pages long. Thank you.

If you only need certain pages printed, please indicate which ones in the notes area after upload.

Please add each different pattern you need to the cart separately.

If you need multiples of the same pattern please let me know in the notes section and input the number of pages. For example: if it is a pattern with two A0 pages, upload your pattern and select four pages and then let me know in the note section that you want two copies of the pattern.

For more information please refer to our Printing FAQ. Thank you!


* Sample prints were made using purchased patterns and instructions from Gertie’s Patreon. You can find more of her patterns and Patreon information at http://www.charmpatterns.com*